WHISTLER WS1088 Digital Handheld Radio Scanner


WHISTLER WS1088 Digital Handheld Radio Scanner

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  • Multi-system trunking;•
  • Easy to use full keyboard;•
  • New object oriented, menu driven user interface;•
  • Easily create new objects;•
  • The complete radio reference USA and Canada database on micro SD card;•
  • Improved P25 functionality;•
  • Built-in discriminator output;•
  • Upgradeable CPU firmware, DSP firmware and library;•
  • Micro SD(TM) Card;•
  • Full USB interface;•
  • Powerful PC application software included;•
  • Skywarn(R) storm spotter functionality;•
  • Same and all hazards weather alerting;•
  • Powerful spectrum sweeper;•
  • 200 canlists;•
  • Scan sets;•
  • Expanded V-Scanner II storage system;•
  • Audio recording;• Built-in clock/calendar;•
  • Built-in service searches;•
  • Whistlers exclusive alert LED;•
  • Programmable audible alarms;•
  • Programmable backlight and alert LED flash patterns;•
  • Signal strength meter;


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