Shakespeare 5911 10 VHF Marine Antenna


Shakespeare 5911 10 VHF Antenna

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Comes packed in a 12™ weather-resistant, plastic tube which can ™stow away™ in an easy-to-reach location for instant emergency capability if your main antenna becomes broken or disabled. Complete with 12 cable, connector, and rubber suction cup for fast, easy mounting to any smooth horizontal surface.

  • Flexible vinyl outer covering
  • 10™ overall length
  • Velcro strips for storage included
  • Frequency: VHF Marine band
    Bandwidth: N/A
    SWR: Adequate across Marine Band. Precise SWR depends on antenna location
    Impedance: (Ohms): 50
    Gain: Unity
    Max Input (Watts): 25
    DC Ground: YES
    Termination: 12 RG-58 cable
    Height (feet): 10″
    Polarization: Vertical
    Radiation pattern: Omini-directional


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