Pyle PRJ3D69 High-Definition Widescreen Projector with Up To 200-Inch Viewing Screen,


Pyle PRJ3D69 High-Definition Widescreen Projector with Up To 200-Inch Viewing Screen,

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Amazing Picture Quality
If you’re looking to display crisp and clear widescreen picture with stunningly vivid colors choose the PRJ3D69. The Liquid Crystal display source is capable of playing hi-definition and super sharp video in 1080P, 1080i, 720P, 720i, 480P and 480i resolutions. Watch it all project from the 7″display lighting source powered by the TFT drive system displaying 16.7 million colors.
Big Screen
Your video will come to life especially when you have the world as your screen! Project video and images wherever you aim the projector’s display source. Create a viewing screen anywhere from 32″ all the way up to 200″ from a distance of 1-5 meters.
The picture size is variable based on the distance between the projector and screen. Adjust the projector degree by changing the keystone alignment. To reduce distortion, align the projector to the center point of the selected viewing surface. Degree offsets should not exceed 30 degrees from the center point of the viewing surface. To adjust focus simply grasp the metal portion of the lens and rotate in either direction until the image and edges appear clear and sharp.
Connect it All
Plug in your computer, laptop, iPod, MP3 player, gaming system such as Xbox, Playstation and much more with this versatile projector. The side panel offers AV-Video, S-Video, YPbPr, VGA, HDMI, RCA stereo inputs along with a set of RCA stereo outputs.
Built-In Speakers
Power amplified stereo speakers produce 25dB – 50dB audio range. If that’s not enough, take advantage of the audio inputs and connect an external audio system to add more volume. You can also create a private listening experience and connect your earphones directly into the projector’s audio output.
Multilingual Device
Menu languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Italian. The device also includes a supporting international signal system.
Be in Control
The control center panel located on top of the unit allows you to do everything from manage visual settings such as contrast ratio, brightness, color, tint, transparence and sharpness to selecting different input devices.
Accessories Included
Wireless remote (batteries included), lens dust cover, VGA interface cable, analog audio/video RCA cable, and power cord. Laptop not included.
Additional Features
Contrast: 1000:1
Output Resolution: 1920*1080
Brightness: 1700 ANSI Lumens
Power Amplified Stereo Speakers
Working Voltage: AC 110V/12V-12A
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:9 or 4:3
Horizontal/Vertical Screen Adjustment
Color Depth: TrueColor 16.7 Million Colors
Dimensions: 6.299″ H x 12.992″ W x 16.142″ D


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