Midland 5001Z Mobile CB Radio


Midland 5001Z Mobile CB Radio

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  • 40-Channels
  • 4-Watt Output Power – Delivers maximum communication range
  • Xtra Talk Mic Gain – Boosts transmit audio sensitivity to give you increased voice clarity
  • RF Gain Control – Adjusts reception sensitivity (range) for clear reception
  • Automatic Noise Limiter – Improves reception for a weak received signal
  • Switchable Noise Blanker – For increased noise reduction
  • PA Function – Allows the CB to be used as a Public Address System when paired with a PA speaker
  • Dimmer Switch – Adjusts brightness of the channel display and Signal Meter
  • Instant Channel 9 – Immediate access to emergency channel 9
  • Squelch Control – Eliminates unwanted background noise
  • 4 pin Front Locking Microphone Connector – Easy to connect microphone locks securely to your CB
  • External Speaker Jacks
  • PA speaker Connector
  • DC power cord connector
  • Full Sized Microphone


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