MFJ-269C SWR Antenna Analyzer

MFJ-269C SWR Antenna Analyzer 530 KHz – 230 / 415-470 MHz Continuous Coverage



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The MFJ-269C is a compact battery powered RF impedance analyzer. It combines five basic circuits; a variable oscillator, frequency counter, frequency multiplier, 50-ohm RF bridge, twelve-bit A-D converter, and a microcontroller. Together, these circuits perform a wide variety of useful antenna and RF impedance measurements including coaxial cable loss and electrical distance to an open or short. Although mainly designed for analyzing 50-ohm antenna and transmission line systems, the MFJ-269C also measures RF impedance from a few ohms to several hundred ohms. An easy-to-access user-controlled Zo setting in the Advanced function menus facilitates changing SWR and other SWR functions (i.e. return loss, reflection coefficient, match efficiency, etc) to any normalized impedance value between 5 and 600 ohms. The MFJ-269C also functions as a non-precision signal source and frequency counter. Operating frequency extends from .53 to 230MHz in nine overlapping bands with extended SWR measurement from 415 to 470 MHz. (LF coverage may be adjusted to cover 0.470 kHz).

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